Unlimited Fun for You and Your Loved Ones

When you come to Big Lagoon Jet Ski Rentals, you will for sure get more bang for your buck. We have the biggest riding area without a no-wake zone. We don't have a lot of boat traffic in the lagoon, so it is very safe and fun for the whole family. You might even get the chance to see the Blue Angels fly while riding. (check blue angels flight schedule)

Safety Testing & License Requirements


All drivers need to bring a government issued picture ID! If you are born after Jan 1st, 1988, you will need a temporary boating license. Operators born after January 1st, 1988, must have a Florida boating education ID card. A temporary test is available in the red link below and also offered on-site for $10. We can provide a study guide to review before testing. 

Operators 14 to 17 years of age must have parents signature to rent and show government photo ID, showing date of birth, and sign all release forms. No one under 14 can operate a jet ski in Florida. Plan to complete paperwork, obtain a temporary boating license (if required), and receive a safety/operational briefing on the jet skis before pushing off.


Rates & Charges

Small riding area approx 2 sq miles
30min - $75 | 1 hour - $125

Large riding area approx 9 miles
East up to Sand Island | West to NO WAKE zone just before Perdido Bridge
1 hour - $140 | 2 hour - $270 | 3 hour - $390 | 4 hour - $500

**Plus a Non-Refundable $50 damage waiver or $250 deposit**




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